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Deborah Szapiro

University Technology Sydney

Selma Šabanović

Indiana University, Bloomington

Keisuke Nakamura

Honda Research Institute, Japan

Randy Gomez

Honda Research Institute, Japan

Luis Merino

University Pablo Olavide

Kerstin Fischer

University of Southern Denmark

Eleanor Sandry

Curtin University

Britta Wrede

University of Bielefeld

Guangliang Li

Ocean University China

Vicky Charisi

JRC, European Commission

Serge Thill

Donders Institute

Fernando Caballero

University Pablo Olavide

Pedro Lima

Instituto Superior Técnico - UL

Panos Trahanias

FORTH-Institute of Computer Science

George Nikolakopoulos

Luleå University of Technology

Wendy Ju

Cornell Tech

Paulo Alvito

IDMIND Portugal

Oliver Niebuhr

University of Southern Denmark

Georgios Andrikopoulos

Luleå University of Technology

Tiija Rinta

Kyambogo University, Uganda

Angelo Cangelosi

University of Manchester

Johanna Seibt

University of Aarhus

Antonio Bandera

University of Málaga

Alessandra Sciutti

Italian Institute of Technology

Rachid Alami


Matthias Rehm

Aalborg University